How the Dylan Group Fits Into the Flexsteel Furniture Brand

If you’re in the market for a leather sofa, love seat, sleeper, recliner or sectional, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the Flexsteel brand. And if you’ve run across the Flexsteel brand, either in a store or online, you’ve probably seen the Dylan and Latitudes names on the Flexsteel pieces you’ve seen.Flexsteel? Latitudes? Dylan? Confused? Well, if you are, you’re not alone. You may have even seen all three of these names on the same piece of furniture and wondered what they all meant. And to make it worse, maybe the salesperson you were working with didn’t explain how they all fit together or what makes the Dylan group different from the other groups in the Latitudes collection.Well, fear not. Because in this article, I will discuss how the Dylan group of furnishings fits into the overall Flexsteel brand and how Flexsteel structures their brand, collections and groups. And as a result, you should be able to make a more informed decision about your furniture purchase.A Little Background Before I go any further, I think a broad overview of Flexsteel would be helpful. Flexsteel Industries has been making and importing furniture since 1893-the same year the zipper was invented. They are currently one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, and their products are sold the world over. Their furniture sells very well, which is why you see it in so many stores. Flexsteel has three furniture divisions: Hospitality, Vehicle Seating and Residential. The Residential division is more commonly known as Flexsteel Home Furniture and what I will discuss in this article. Flexsteel Home Furniture sells a wide variety of upholstered and wood furniture such as sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, rocker-reclining chairs, swivel rockers, sofa beds, occasional tables and desks.The Breakdown Here’s a breakdown of how the Dylan group fits into the Flexsteel family: At the top level, there’s the “Brand”: Flexsteel. Just below that, there’s the “Collection”: Latitudes. And within each collection, Flexsteel has “Groups”: Dylan. (Some of the other popular groups in the Latitudes collection are Belmont, Brandon, Breakthrough, South Street and Crosstown.) In other words, the Dylan Group is part of the Latitudes Collection, which is part of Flexsteel brand. Flexsteel doesn’t always make it clear how all their groups and collections fit together and many furniture stores don’t mark their pieces in a way that makes it easy for buyers to understand what they are looking at. In addition to the groups mentioned above, many other groups are part of the Latitudes collection. They include: Pure Comfort, Comfort Zone, Belmont, McKinley, Runway, Stockton Street, Albert, Bonneville, Cruise Control, Orion, Richardson, Tango, Fleet Street, Grandview and Hermosa. Each of these groups varies based on material choices, styles and so on.Getting Clearer? Feeling more up to speed? I hope so. Next, I’ll discuss the Dylan furniture you will see in stores. The Dylan group remains one of Flexsteel’s most popular groups because it offers a combination of quality materials, excellent style and superior construction that resonates with consumers. But don’t take my word for it. The next time you are in a furniture store or shopping online, ask the salesperson which of their Flexsteel groups sells the best. I’ll bet most them will say Dylan.Why is the Dylan Group so Popular?1. Quality To begin, the heart of Flexsteel’s Dylan furniture lies in the blue steel seat springs that are built into this group’s sofas, sleepers, love seats, recliners and motion furniture. These heavy-duty springs are very different from the hand-tied springs found in other company’s furniture. These blue steel seat springs never require retying or replacing, so they offer long-lasting durability and comfort. As a result, the seat feels nearly the same ten years after you buy it as it did the day brought it home. The Dylan group is also known for its supple, top-quality leather. All the Dylan pieces are constructed with supple, thick, top grain leather on all sides. Including on the backs. In contrast, a lot of furniture in this same price range uses vinyl or other materials on the backs or sides. Also, all Dylan pieces us leather dye which is called “semi-aniline.” Semi-Aniline leather uses a touch of pigment, or a clear finish. This method allows the natural details of the leather to remain visible while offering superior durability. And finally, the wood frame. Flexsteel uses cross-grain laminated hardwoods in their frames, which improves strength and durability. One benefit of these laminated hardwoods is that they require less wood than traditional construction. This substantially reduces the number of trees used to make Flexsteel products. Flexsteel is so confident about their quality and design that they offer a lifetime warranty on the entire spring system and hardwood frame. Due to the quality construction, most customers are happy they chose Flexsteel years down the road because their furniture still looks great and is providing excellent comfort.2. Style You might notice that almost all Dylan pieces have contrast stitching, which simply means using a thread of a different color than the leather so that it stands out. This stitching style is ideal for the large-scale design that makes Dylan so distinctive and popular. In addition to the distinctive stitching style, the use of a double pillow back design creates an inviting look that compliments the well-padded arms. Overall, Dylan furniture is known for its warm look and adaptable, timeless style.3. Price Flexsteel’s Dylan furniture isn’t cheap stuff you use for a couple of years and then toss in the dumpster. But it’s also not overpriced, trendy furniture that’s affordable only to people who live in mansions and spend weekends on their yachts. The Dylan group is popular because it offers a good balance of quality, style, and price that fits into many customers budgets. In short, it’s perfect for people who want their furniture to last and look great for generations to come and don’t want to pay a fortune.Wrapping It Up I hope this article makes it a little clearer how Flexsteel’s Dylan group fits into their furniture line. And I also hope you have a better understanding of why the Dylan group is so popular. The bottom line is that is that you really can’t go wrong with Flexsteel’s Dylan furniture. It offers a very competitive combination of reasonable price, excellent style and quality construction. They also offer some of the best warranties in the industry, should anything go wrong. The biggest challenge with Flexsteel’s Dylan group is deciding which colors and styles work best in your home or office. Flexsteel’s Dylan furniture is available at many retail locations, both in retail stores and on the Internet. For good deals online, check out Key Home Furnishings at You’ll get superior customer service, a huge selection, free shipping and no tax when you buy from They also ship quickly and have some of best prices you can find anywhere for Flexsteel’s Dylan furniture.

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Health Care Services

There are many health services and a proper range of health care services needs to be provided under a proper healthcare system. The United States does not have the best health care services in the world but it can be said that it has the best emergency care system around the globe. The fact behind this is that America is having highest level of poverty and income inequality among all the rich and developed nations and it affects the reach of the people to the proper health services.Health systems are designed to fulfill the needs of the health care of some targeted nation or population. Health care planning and its proper system implementation are much more necessary for any country or government. According to the World health report 2000 “Improving performance are good health, responsiveness to the expectations of the population, and fair financial contribution.” Duckett (2004) proposed a two dimensional approach to evaluation of health systems: “quality, efficiency and acceptability on one dimension and equity on another.”To have a best health care facilities UNICEF advises that there must be three primary steps which can then systematically improve the health services and to complete a health system.1. Standards
2. Assessment and Accreditation
3. Support MaterialsSeven years ago World Health Organization made the first major effort to rank the health systems of 191 nations. The following parameters were taken in consideration for the best care services;· Insurance Coverage
· Access
· Fairness
· Health Lives
· Quality
· Life and Death
· Patient Satisfaction
· Use of IT
· Top of the Line Care
· Walk in clinicHealth is a state of well being, physically, mentally, socially and psychologically. Health services are fundamental part of any community, therefore financial stability and proper coverage of medical through insurance or some other way is very much necessary for a human to live and stay normal. There is a proper process oriented structure is required, implemented by the government to provide the health services to each and every of their citizen. The health care industry is responsible to provide the proper health care services to the people with their arm namely health services providers. These health services are paid and could be paid by the patient, by insurance plan, or by the government. Charities and volunteers also play their role to provide the health services to those who are unable to afford. There could be various ways to provide health services to the patient, normally can be categorized into two main;· Face to Face:This is the most common way, where the provider, interacts with the patient physically and after having the checkup and understanding of the issues, diagnoses the problem or suggests some tests or medication.· Non -Face To Face:Telecommunication is the latest emerging facility, which is now in use to provide healthcare services as well. The practitioner can interact with the patient using, phone, email, text message, or video conferencing and then can provide further suggestions to him / her.Health services are also provided at schools where the children could be taken care of. UNESCO has published a set of tools to provide the guidance to school healthcare services providers. Following are the basic parameters which must be catered;· HIV/AIDS
· Food and nutrition
· Helminthes and hygiene
· Malaria
· Violence
· Drugs, tobacco and alcoholIn any health services providing system there could be the following three types of health services.1. Primary Health Care Services:Whenever someone needs a health care service in normal and routine life, who could be a family doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist, pharmacist, etc. Primary health services often include prevention and treatment of common diseases and injuries.2. Secondary Health CareServices:Whenever someone needs a special care he/she is referred to a specialized care unit, like hospital, or nursing home to provide secondary level of health facilities.3. Additional / Supplementary Health Care Services:The services which are normally provided to the senior citizens, children or to whom which do not have their proper medical coverage or paying capabilities and the expanses are covered through government funds or through some volunteer or charity organization.

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Automotive Locksmith Services – How They Can Help You

If asked what an automotive locksmith does, many people might quickly answer “Help open locked car doors when the keys are stuck inside.” True, this is a valuable service provided by locksmiths.But it is far from the varied and very helpful duties that can also be performed by these professionals. Many consumers aren’t aware that locksmiths do more than open locked car doors.In today’s modern world, many people have keyless entry systems. Does this mean that automotive locksmiths are obsolete? Far from it. In fact, they can save consumers a great deal of money by repairing a keyless system or even installing a brand new one.Although auto manufacturers’ guides may suggest calling the dealer and getting a new system from them, the price could end up being two to three times more than that charged by a locksmith. Why waste the extra money?While it may be annoying to discover that that you’ve locked your keys in the car on a hot summer’s day, there are times when this can be an emergency. On occasion, parents have exited a car only to have their children close the door and accidentally push the automatic locks, leaving the child stuck inside the car.Very small children may not understand how to unlock the car. A locksmith can get inside the car quickly and also leave a special tool with parents that helps them break a window in a true emergency and get to their children. This kind of expertise can save lives.It may not be readily apparent that when keys are locked in the trunk of a car, an automotive locksmith can pop open the trunk of the car. But they can and they do, as a routine part of their everyday duties. They often can do so without hurting the lock itself and that is certainly more desirable than amateurish attempts to get through the lock, ones that leave permanent damage.When choosing a locksmith, make sure that services are offered round the clock, 24 hours a day, and preferably even on weekends and holidays. After all, getting locked out of a car can happen anytime, holiday or not.Some may wonder if an automotive locksmith is truly needed, having been told that a coat hanger or “slim jim” tool can open the door. That may have worked in the past (but usually after many frustrating attempts) but today’s cars simply aren’t made to allow coat hangers to get to the locks. Also, they don’t work well with automatic locks.Extra keys to cars can come in handy, as anyone who has been locked out of one knows all too well. A locksmith may be able to arrive on the job, make an extra key and get to the key locked inside the car. In very cold weather, some keys may break off inside the lock itself. Automobile owners should never attempt to extract a broken key from a lock. Only an experienced professional can do so without damaging the lock itself. They’ve practiced on many auto locks to learn how to do this.Even if you discover a way to get into the car, don’t be surprised if you discover damage to the car afterward. Coat hangers can scratch paint and the interior of auto windows, potentially reducing a car’s value. But by using an expert automotive locksmith, it is entirely possible to leave a car in great shape, with no sign of damage.

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